• Holiday Gift Wooden Watch

    The Perfect Holiday Gift: JORD Wooden Watches

    We are deep into the holiday season (and it’s only November), so I know you’re starting to (hopefully) think about your shopping list. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift this year? Look no further, I have the one for you! JORD wooden watches are truly unique timepieces that are seriously gorgeous and would make for a great present for anyone in your life. When I was younger, I was never really a watch person and I always used my phone when I needed to know what time it was. Once smart watches became popular, I jumped on that…

  • Family

    What I’ve Learned in the First 8 Months of Motherhood

    We made it! We survived long nights, early mornings, diaper blowouts, and hormonal breakdowns for eight full months! Being a mom to an 8 month old baby by no means makes me an expert (or anywhere close to it), but I have definitely learned a lot along the way. I’ve been pretty bad about blog posts lately because I have figured out that an 8 month old baby take up even more time than newborns do. In the past month or so, baby boy spends a lot more time awake during the day. All he wants is for his mama to…

  • Food

    The Best Tortilla Española Recipe Ever

    There are very few recipes in life that I would consider to be “gourmet” with only 4 (main) ingredients. Spaghetti carbonara is up there (eggs, pasta, pancetta, pecorino romano – just like Chef Marc Murphy makes), and so is tortilla española. If you’ve never had tortilla española, you might be imagining a Mexican tortilla painted red and yellow as the Spanish flag. I hate to tell you, that is indeed not what tortilla española is. My older sister studied abroad in Spain before I ever made my way there. She learned what Spanish tortilla was long before I did. Every…

  • Family

    My Absolute Favorite Baby Products

    Now that I’m a little over 5 months into motherhood, I can confidently say that I still have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t think I ever will. But that’s okay because my little guy is the absolute best and he amazes me more and more every day. The one thing I do have more of a handle on is what favorite baby products are and that they have been absolute lifesavers. When I created my registry, I remember I had no idea what to register for. Gone were the days of wandering Babies R Us (RIP) and scanning…

  • Blogging

    Sneaky Instagram Tricks and Tips

    Since starting my blog, I’ve been really focused on writing compelling content and growing my reader base. Of those two things, surprisingly, the harder part has been the later. Once I sit down to write, as long as I know what I want to write about, the post is done pretty quickly. It’s getting people to actually read the post that’s challenging (congrats to you if you’re here reading this right now!). Since turning to Instagram to build up my reader base, I feel like I have joined a secret society. There is a whole world of rules and unspoken…

  • Family

    5 (Bad) Pieces of Advice for Moms

    When you go to a restaurant and order the most decadent dessert off of the menu and the waiter brings it out to your table, you pick up your fork and dig in. Especially if you’re sharing it with someone (or even if you aren’t), you normally finish that glorious dessert in a few minutes. When the waiter comes back, what does he say as he looks down at your empty plate? “You didn’t like that at all, did you?!”  Har de har har. What a comedian. Pregnancy and motherhood is also full of cliché phrases like this that strangers…

  • baby and computer

    Living a Double Life: SAHM with an Office Job

      Being a mom is a full-time job. And it is freaking hard. It’s the only occupation in the world that doesn’t get sick days, vacation time, or a salary. It does come with full benefits though, like unlimited hugs, warm fuzzy feelings, and complete and total adoration. Those benefits alone are reason enough to give up the pay and vacation days of a different job to focus on motherhood. I admire women who are able to be full-time moms and I also admire mothers who work outside of the home. Every family has to decide which option is better…

  • Food

    Espresso S’mores Brownies

    I’ve never had a bad brownie before. I’ve definitely eaten brownies that were better than others, but I truly think it is impossible to mess brownies up. That said, a few nights ago I made one of the most delicious brownies I’ve ever had. I added a bit of espresso, along with your traditional s’mores ingredients to make these (I’m calling them famous) famous Espresso S’mores Brownies! The result was a sophisticated, sticky piece of heaven. The espresso is so subtle but enhances the rich chocolate flavor, while the graham cracker gives a much needed crunch. The marshmallow topping gives…

  • madrid alcala

    7 Madrid Tourist Traps and Their Alternatives

    After college, I moved to Spain with two bags, a job teaching English, and dreams of eating all of the tapas I could ever want. I lived in a very small town in western Spain for three years (less than 20,000 people), then I got the itch for big city life. When I moved to Madrid, I was already very familiar with it from my monthly (*ahem* weekly) trips to visit my then boyfriend, Juan. Already knowing the city pretty well meant that I knew exactly where to go to eat the best tapas and what places fell under the “Madrid…

  • Rachel at the hospital

    Hospital Essentials for Labor, Delivery, and Beyond

    Even though it was only just over 4 months ago, I feel like it has been years and years since I was pregnant. In my third trimester, I remember feeling huge and uncomfortable and ready to meet my baby boy. In an attempt to let the universe know that I was ready, I packed my hospital bag with still about a month left in the pregnancy. After lots of Google searches, I still felt like I was forgetting something and did not have all of the hospital essentials for labor that I needed. In the end, Juan had a duffle…