And I thought labor and delivery was the hardest part of having a baby…

When I found out was pregnant, I pictured myself with a dainty baby bump, a perfectly boring delivery, and a baby who would sleep through the night. Ooooh, how wrong I was. During my months of morning sickness, my 30-hour labor, and many sleepless nights spent trying to get my beautiful baby boy back to sleep, blogs kept me sane. They were my source of not only information, but also commiseration and reassurance. Once I emerged from that fourth trimester fog, I wanted to share my journey and the things I’ve learned along the way (and am still learning) with all of the other mamas out there. And so, The Swaddled Siesta was born!

My Story

Rachel from The Swaddled Siesta in third trimester

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I moved to Spain with two suitcases, a job teaching English, and the dream of traveling for a year before starting real adult life. Four years later, I left Spain with a Spanish fiancé in tow. After getting married, we found jobs and settled into our new American lives.

About two years later, Juan and I saw that fateful pink line. Eight pregnancy tests later (you can’t blame a girl for wanting to be sure), we knew everything was about to change. We were thrilled to welcome baby Samuel to our family in March 2018. Since then, not a day goes by that I don’t google at least 40 different mommyhood questions I have. And this is just the beginning…

Let me tell you, raising a baby is some tough sh*t. Wanting my bebecito to not only learn Spanish, but also identify with his Iberian culture is a challenge that I haven’t quite yet figured out. Hopefully The Swaddled Siesta can be an inspiration to others who might face the same challenge or who, like me, are trying to balance working outside of the house and motherhood. Or, maybe you want to try some delicious recipes, discover beautiful travel destinations, or you just need something to read to help keep you awake during those midnight feedings – I’m here for that too!