My Absolute Favorite Baby Products

Now that I’m a little over 5 months into motherhood, I can confidently say that I still have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t think I ever will. But that’s okay because my little guy is the absolute best and he amazes me more and more every day. The one thing I do have more of a handle on is what favorite baby products are and that they have been absolute lifesavers.

When I created my registry, I remember I had no idea what to register for. Gone were the days of wandering Babies R Us (RIP) and scanning the things with the little scanner thing that looked interesting as you browsed the aisles. I had to navigate the thousands of Amazon products and basically know exactly what I wanted to add to my list. I tried to look at reviews to find the best rated products, but online reviews are ridiculous. One person says that something is the most incredible invention they have ever used, and the next says it’s complete garbage. Who do you trust?? The internet is a scary place. 

I received a lot of really generous gifts from my baby registry and even a few things that I didn’t register for. After having my baby for a while, I finally realize which of those Amazon reviews were legitimate and which were definite BS. 

Just like Oprah has her favorite things, these are my most favorite baby products. I could not have made it through these past 5 months without them. I would register again and again for these things if I could:

Owlet Smart Sock

This is by far my #1. Yes, it’s expensive, but how much money can you put on your peace of mind? The amount of sleep (3-4 hours a night) I get with the Owlet is so much more than I would if I didn’t have it (0 hours). This heart rate and blood oxygen level monitor comes with three sizes of socks to put on your little one. From newborn through one year old (I will absolutely be using it as long as I can), you put this on your babe while they sleep. The monitor connects to a base station, as well as to an app of your phone, and alerts you if the heart rate or blood oxygen level drops or rises above what they should be.

A lot of online reviews say the Owlet can give you false alarms and make you even more paranoid than you should be. That has not been the case at all for me. Two times the red alert (red = bad) has gone off. The first was when baby was napping and the sock was not on correctly. The second was at 3am and I bolted out of bed to make sure my guy was okay. He absolutely was and it was probably a sock fitting issue, but I would take 100 false alarms if it meant that one day the Owlet alerted me to one real issue. After I had baby boy and was still in the hospital, I kept thinking about the Owlet and how I couldn’t wait to use it. Until then, I had to keep checking to make sure baby was breathing every 15 minutes. I cannot say enough good things about this tiny, but powerful sock.

Ollie Swaddle

This (along with the majority of things on this list) was not something I had registered for. I had a short list of swaddles (SwaddleMe, Halo…) that we tried once we were home from the hospital. My strong little boy broke out of every. single. one. There was not one swaddle that could contain him. And every time he broke free, he woke up. When my mom bought the Ollie swaddle for us, I was sold after the first night with it. Its design is so simple, but it was so much harder for baby to break out of (granted, he still found a way to eventually). Along with being more secure, its design made middle of the night diaper changes so much easier.

Hatch Baby Rest

White noise is essential with babies. At least with my baby it is. This is the only white noise product I have found (I’ve tried a fair few) that was loud enough to make a difference. Like the Owlet, the Hatch can also connect to an app on your phone, so you can easily control not only the sounds (there is more than just white noise), but also the light that it emits. One day, I want to use this as a signal light to let baby boy know when he is able to get out of bed (turn the light color green for “go!”). 

Mam pacifiers

I truly thought my little one didn’t like pacifiers until we got the Mam ones. He tolerated the newborn gumdrop ones from the hospital, but also spit them out after about a minute with it. Once we tried Mam, they actually stayed in his mouth and “pacified” him. 

Rock salt nightlight

This is also on my list for what to bring to the hospital for labor and delivery. Can you tell I love this thing? We leave this on while we sleep to give off enough light so I don’t go crashing into the crib in the middle of the night, but not too much light that it keeps us awake. Its warm hue is so comforting and apparently rock salt lamps have some other special talents like purifying the air, helping with allergies, reducing stress, and even reducing that pesky electromagnetic radiation you have in your house (or so tells me Google).

Binxy Baby

This thing was sent from Heaven above. Before I had this, I would put my guy into a carrier wrap when we went to the store. That was okay for about the first month. After that, he wanted nothing to do with the wrap and wanted to be able to see the world. The Binxy Baby is basically a tiny hammock you strap into a shopping cart and can either put your carseat on, or baby can hang out and sit directly in it. Personally, I would like an adult sized Binxy Baby for someone to push me around in when I go shopping, so I understand the appeal of this for babies. Also, a perk with this is that people constantly tell you how cute your baby is when they see you rolling down the cheese aisle with the Binxy Baby.

I’m realizing that there are so many more products that have been so incredibly helpful to me and my adjustment to motherhood, so there might just have to be a part two of this post one day. For now, do yourself a favor and get things. Life with a newborn is hard, so why not make it a little bit easier? YOU get an Owlet and YOU get an Owlet and EVERYBODY GETS AN OWLET!! Nah, just kidding. But seriously, go buy it for yourself.

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