Holiday Gift Wooden Watch

The Perfect Holiday Gift: JORD Wooden Watches

We are deep into the holiday season (and it’s only November), so I know you’re starting to (hopefully) think about your shopping list. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift this year? Look no further, I have the one for you! JORD wooden watches are truly unique timepieces that are seriously gorgeous and would make for a great present for anyone in your life.

When I was younger, I was never really a watch person and I always used my phone when I needed to know what time it was. Once smart watches became popular, I jumped on that bandwagon and have been through countless Fitbits and Apple watches since then. However, I always found that the Fitbits weren’t very pretty and I didn’t know how to use half of the features of my Apple watch.

Recently, JORD reached out to me to see if I was interested in collaborating with them to promote their fall collection. I don’t take collab offers lightly, so I dug into my research to see what kind of business it was. I was immediately impressed by not only the quality of JORD wooden watches, but the variety of styles and their attention to detail.

Fall Wooden Watch

These wooden banded timepieces are some of the most gorgeous watches I have ever seen.

When mine arrived in the mail, I was amazed at not only the beauty of the watch, but also at the humidor cedar box it came in. Once I removed it from the box, I saw that the watch was even better than I expected. The details of my wooden watch are incredible and the colors of the zebrawood band and navy face are so distinct from any other watch I have ever seen. I’m already eyeing a few other styles from JORD’s new arrivals to put on my own wishlist.

JORD makes their watches out of 100% sustainable natural wood and do not treat them with any chemicals. I love this because anything I wear always ends up in my baby boy’s mouth, so knowing that he’s not licking any chemicals is really comforting.

The wooden watch is simple, but still somehow so elegant. It’s perfect to put on with a casual weekend outfit, or you can pair it with a cute dress for a night out. Ever since it arrived, I have barely taken it off and I can proudly say I’m definitely a “watch person” now!

Wine and Wooden Watch

JORD wooden watches ship worldwide and come in a ton of different colors and designs for both men and women. You seriously cannot go wrong buying one of these watches as a gift this holiday season (or treating yourself to one!). If you’re looking to do something extra special, there are engraving options for both the watch and its gorgeous cedar box.

You can enter my giveaway here for a chance to win $100 towards a JORD watch! Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off code (so you can’t lose). The giveaway runs until 12/16/18, so enter soon!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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