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Why You Won’t See My Baby’s Face on Social Media

During my pregnancy, I posted endless photos of my bump online. I also clicked “like” on every photo of my friends’ babies that came across my feed. It wasn’t until Juan and I traveled to Spain over Christmas that I gave any thought to what would change once Samuel was born. I still love and adore every photo I see online of my friends’ kids, but after going back and forth so many times, Juan and I made the decision that we were not going to post any pictures of our new baby’s face on social media.

Over Christmas, we visited some friends who had recently had a baby girl. At the end of the evening, we all took a picture together. After we returned to our hotel, Juan posted the group photo on Instagram. Within a few minutes, the new baby’s dad texted Juan and asked him to either take the photo down or to cover their baby’s face. They weren’t posting public photos of their baby’s face on social media. Juan said he was so sorry and quickly fixed his mistake (he covered the baby’s face with a robot emoji…very classy, subtle stuff) and we started thinking.

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To me, not posting pictures of a baby’s face on social media for the world to see just made sense.

I thought about Lin Manuel Miranda (yes, I am a theatre nerd and huge Hamilton fan) and how he only posts pictures of the back of his son’s head. As if we didn’t need even more proof of his genius status, I realized how smart that was.

I shared baby bump photos up until the day we had Samuel, then went radio silent for a bit. After adjusting to having a new baby at home, I started to get excited by the challenge of taking photos that would hide Samuel’s face.

Over the past few months, both Juan and I stand behind our decision to keep a bit of anonymity in Samuel’s photos. Although once or twice we have been a little too obvious with our “faceless baby” position (see: blue heart emoji), I am proud of the creative ways we’ve been able to share a bit of Samuel on social media, while still maintaining his privacy. I want him to be able to decide one day what identifying pictures of him are out in the world for everyone to see. I don’t want to be the one who decides that for him.

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You might ask, then why post photos of him at all?

That’s a completely valid question and really, it comes down to mommy pride. I need to be able to brag about his beauty and amazingness a little bit and do like keeping friends in the loop with what’s going on in our lives. With our immediate family, Juan and I use a private photo sharing app to make sure they are able to see Samuel’s face as much as they would like.

Again, I adore seeing photos of other people’s children and think that deciding to publically share your baby’s face or not is 100% your own decision. There are times when Samuel is doing the CUTEST thing or his smile is SO big that all I want to do it plaster it for the world to see, but for now I am restraining myself.

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