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    What I’ve Learned in the First 8 Months of Motherhood

    We made it! We survived long nights, early mornings, diaper blowouts, and hormonal breakdowns for eight full months! Being a mom to an 8 month old baby by no means makes me an expert (or anywhere close to it), but I have definitely learned a lot along the way. I’ve been pretty bad about blog posts lately because I have figured out that an 8 month old baby take up even more time than newborns do. In the past month or so, baby boy spends a lot more time awake during the day. All he wants is for his mama to…

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    5 (Bad) Pieces of Advice for Moms

    When you go to a restaurant and order the most decadent dessert off of the menu and the waiter brings it out to your table, you pick up your fork and dig in. Especially if you’re sharing it with someone (or even if you aren’t), you normally finish that glorious dessert in a few minutes. When the waiter comes back, what does he say as he looks down at your empty plate? “You didn’t like that at all, did you?!”  Har de har har. What a comedian. Pregnancy and motherhood is also full of cliché phrases like this that strangers…

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    Living a Double Life: SAHM with an Office Job

      Being a mom is a full-time job. And it is freaking hard. It’s the only occupation in the world that doesn’t get sick days, vacation time, or a salary. It does come with full benefits though, like unlimited hugs, warm fuzzy feelings, and complete and total adoration. Those benefits alone are reason enough to give up the pay and vacation days of a different job to focus on motherhood. I admire women who are able to be full-time moms and I also admire mothers who work outside of the home. Every family has to decide which option is better…

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    Why You Won’t See My Baby’s Face on Social Media

    During my pregnancy, I posted endless photos of my bump online. I also clicked “like” on every photo of my friends’ babies that came across my feed. It wasn’t until Juan and I traveled to Spain over Christmas that I gave any thought to what would change once Samuel was born. I still love and adore every photo I see online of my friends’ kids, but after going back and forth so many times, Juan and I made the decision that we were not going to post any pictures of our new baby’s face on social media. Over Christmas, we…

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    5 Pre-Baby Freezer Meals to Keep Mama Fed

    One of the very best things I did for myself before giving birth was prepping a ton of food, popping it in the freezer, and reaping the glorious benefits of my actions. When I arrived home from the hospital, I was too sore/tired/delirious to even think about what my next meal was going to be. Because I had planned ahead, I was able to grab whatever sounded good to me at that moment from the freezer, throw it in the oven, and love that I barely had to move to enjoy a home cooked meal. I prepped about 10 different…

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    Tips for Choosing a Bilingual Baby Name

    Choosing a baby name is hard. It’s one of the first big decisions you make when you’re pregnant that will affect your kid for the rest of their life. If you name them something totally horrible, you’re in for a lifetime of regret. Maybe their name is so popular that every other child in their class has the same one and they have to write their last name initial on every piece of paper they turn in. Or, it could swing the other way and their name could be so obscure that your kid is never able to find a…