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    The Best Tortilla Española Recipe Ever

    There are very few recipes in life that I would consider to be “gourmet” with only 4 (main) ingredients. Spaghetti carbonara is up there (eggs, pasta, pancetta, pecorino romano – just like Chef Marc Murphy makes), and so is tortilla española. If you’ve never had tortilla española, you might be imagining a Mexican tortilla painted red and yellow as the Spanish flag. I hate to tell you, that is indeed not what tortilla española is. My older sister studied abroad in Spain before I ever made my way there. She learned what Spanish tortilla was long before I did. Every…

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    7 Madrid Tourist Traps and Their Alternatives

    After college, I moved to Spain with two bags, a job teaching English, and dreams of eating all of the tapas I could ever want. I lived in a very small town in western Spain for three years (less than 20,000 people), then I got the itch for big city life. When I moved to Madrid, I was already very familiar with it from my monthly (*ahem* weekly) trips to visit my then boyfriend, Juan. Already knowing the city pretty well meant that I knew exactly where to go to eat the best tapas and what places fell under the “Madrid…