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    The Best Tortilla Española Recipe Ever

    There are very few recipes in life that I would consider to be “gourmet” with only 4 (main) ingredients. Spaghetti carbonara is up there (eggs, pasta, pancetta, pecorino romano – just like Chef Marc Murphy makes), and so is tortilla española. If you’ve never had tortilla española, you might be imagining a Mexican tortilla painted red and yellow as the Spanish flag. I hate to tell you, that is indeed not what tortilla española is. My older sister studied abroad in Spain before I ever made my way there. She learned what Spanish tortilla was long before I did. Every…

  • Notebook list of baby name ideas

    Tips for Choosing a Bilingual Baby Name

    Choosing a baby name is hard. It’s one of the first big decisions you make when you’re pregnant that will affect your kid for the rest of their life. If you name them something totally horrible, you’re in for a lifetime of regret. Maybe their name is so popular that every other child in their class has the same one and they have to write their last name initial on every piece of paper they turn in. Or, it could swing the other way and their name could be so obscure that your kid is never able to find a…